“Considering certain prominent Wiccan tradition’s stark gender binarism within the Male/Female Deities duality (the Horned God and the Moon Goddess) and the inherent binarism during rituals & rites; how does that compute with people who do not follow the gender binary and are outside said spectrum?”

I was taught that when necessary, a priestess can “strap on the sword”. A well trained priest/ess will be able to channel the energy needed even if they don’t have the corresponding squishy bits, so I don’t see why someone with gender/body misalignment would be any different.

I’ve worked with a genderfluid priest (they lean masc, but still retain some fluidity) and they had no problem drawing in God energy into the circle. I’ve also worked in circle with people with penises drawing Goddess energy. All worked just fine and was not problematic as to raising energy or polar balance at all.

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