Solitary Study

This area was developed with teen seekers in mind but will be of interest to anyone new to the study of the Craft, especially those who would like to study more quietly.

If you are in an environment where the study of alternative religions is acceptable, you can begin studying some of the essential basics of pagan religions. If this would not be acceptable, there are a number of important topics that will greatly enrich your pagan studies that can be learned without the danger of being “too pagan” for your household. Either way, you will be using the years prior to acceptance into a traditional training environment to prepare yourself and it will be helpful when the time to take an oath of dedication comes.

Eventually, you will want to get a basic understanding of all of the topics on the following pages, but you must choose the topics that are accessible to you now to help you use your growing time to your best advantage.

Study Topics for the Seeker

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Conservative Topics
If active study of an alternative faith would get you grounded or worse, work with these topics exclusively for now. You will get a solid grounding in much of the background information for the how and why of the Craft, and will be respected in the community for your background knowldege of history and herbology in the future! There are also some basic life skills and practices that will be of use to you as a witch, but are non-threatening to “muggles”. View Topics >>

New Age Topics
If your environment is somewhat more open-minded, these topics may be useful to you. Some are gaining acceptance as New Age concepts become more popular, but many are still taboo in conservative households. You’ll have to use your judgement on these. There are a number of useful skills outlined here as well, that you can begin developing. View Topics >>

Pagan Topics
If your family is extremely open, you may begin to study and practice the Craft openly. Don’t use this freedom as an excuse to ignore the very important topics listed in the other two sections! View Topics >>