A serious and reputable coven will not initiate anyone under legal age of majority, for a large number of reasons, not the least of which is parental legal action. (In my coven it is exceedingly rare that we initiate anyone who hasn’t had their first Saturn return, which occurs around age 28/29.)

At 13, you are going through a HUGE number of changes. And while this is an excellent time to explore all the the world has to offer you and begin planning your journey through life, it is NOT an ideal time to make lifetime commitments. You are quite fortunate; when I was your age there was precious little available publicly on the nature of Wicca and the Craft. Today you have a great variety of resources (and a variety of quality in those resources — use this time to develop *discernment*!) a your disposal.

Additionally, coven work is extremely time consuming, and right now, you need to be sure to focus large amounts of time on education and social growth. Coven is NOT a social club, although we do occasionally enjoy social activities.

At your age, 6 years seems like forever. Heck, it’s half your time on this planet! But trust me when I tell you that at 18, if you are still seeking Wicca and make moves to enter your bonds of initiation, you will be so glad you took the time to know yourself and the world around you so well.

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