Congratulations on being new to the Wicca religion. I expect by now you realize the second part of your question is entirely unrelated to the first. 😀

As for the second part, here is where to start with a love spell.

Select in your home a nice big mirror that you will see regularly. Now, you’ll need a book of post-its and a nice pen or marker to keep near the mirror. If you like, you can also set up a tiny altar near the mirror with a small candle and some incense to burn as you work this magic.

Starting at the new moon, make a ritual of gazing into the mirror every day, with a sense of acceptance in your heart. This part takes practice; we are trained in western society to be harsh judges of ourselves. Select one thing about the image reflected that brings you joy, and write it on a post-it, then stick the post-it on the edge of the mirror. It could be something in your appearance, or the fact that your smile says you have plans today, or the photo of your family in the background. Anything that you like that day, put it on the mirror. If something negative comes to mind, let it go. When you come back the next day, read all of the post-its already on the mirror and go again.

At the end of the moon cycle, you will have 28 affirmations of your own strength and beauty in this world. You can work this spell for as long as you need to. When you love yourself honestly and fully, others will naturally be drawn to you. This kind of work is a must for any magical attraction to be effective.

If you can’t love your self, how the hell are you going to love anyone else? Can I get a SMIB?

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