I have heard people saying that they use a particular song when casting their circle or consecrating their altar and it worked perfectly. How do they know that? They feel it? They notice the effect? I’m from the southern hemisphere and casting a circle is different. Some told me to to do what feels right for me and that I should place my elements in the direction that feels right for me and see if it works. That’s what i don’t understand. what do you guys mean when you say “See if it works”??

Here are some simple “clues” to those new to casting circles. Assuming you have not become sensitive enough to see or feel the energy specifically (you probably are, you just don’t know what it looks/feels like), here are some ways to tell if your circle is “closed”:

Partially open circles sometimes have:

As for the directionality of the circle, I notice a subtle resistance if I attempt to cast a circle widdershins. When casting deosil, I do not notice this. I have not visited the Southern Hemisphere, so I cannot speak to which is beter for that part of the world, but as you become more aware of what the energy movement “feels like” (see above tips) you may beging to notice more resistance in one direction or the other.

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