I know witches who are Catholic, Buddhist, Jewish, Atheist, Hindu, Agnostic and whatever that religion where you wear half a ton of Quartz around your neck is. While some religions incorporate Witchcraft into Traditional practice of the religion, the CRAFT of Witchcraft can be used with almsot any philosophy of life. Personally, I find it does make one more focussed and adept to *have* at least a general outline of a stable philosophy, but even that is not exactly “required”.

The practices that most witches might recognize as a part of their craft have been around since paleolithic times. Early man didn’t paint pictures of a successful hunt on their cave walls for decoration; that is contagious magic. I’ve done work like that myself: Filled my wallet full of monopoly money, only to see my profits grow; drawn images of a sick friend dancing and playing, etc.

Generally speaking, when most people speak of Witchcraft, they are referring to “low” magic, which is practical, straightforward, and uses direct energy manipulation rather than channeling through an intermediary ( spirit guides, Gods, angels, familiars or other disincarnate entities ), although all of the above may be petitioned for assistance in directing the energy. That’s not to say that it is *easy*.

I have a number of resources on my website to whet an appetite. What I don’t have is a one stop guide to the 12 steps to becoming a witch (oops! now I do!), in part because the person who needs that is never going to be much of a witch anyway. One must be inquisitive, self-motivated, determined and responsible to excel in the practice.

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