I am very interested in the religion Wicca. I truly feel called into this, however I feel that I definitely haven’t studied enough to call myself a Wiccan. I know a lot of Wiccans are not fond of “noobs.” I am interested in the religion; Wicca, not just witchcraft, (I know the difference.)

Based on your question  I’d say you are a seeker. You intend to study and practice working towards being of the Wicca. Perfectly admirable.

Now, here’s the deal: Wicca is a practice. By practicing the religion, you are, in effect becoming “wiccan”. What that means really depends on how you practice.

If you practice solitary, learning from books, etc., then you are a Solitary Pagan. You can use the term Wicca if you like, but be aware that ol’ fuddy duddy traditionalists like myself mean something different by the term.

If you join an ad-hoc (non-lineaged) coven, you use whatever term is used in your initiatory ceremony amongst your coven, and in the greater world, again, just be aware that lineaged Wicca is something different.

If you become an initiate of a Traditional lineaged coven, you will be of the Wicca, but persons of other traditions may not recognize your lineage as “legit Wicca”. Or they might.

So, while the practice of Wicca makes one one of the Wicca, it is quite possible that you can practice Wicca, or any variety, and have someone else NOT consider you Wiccan. Humans are so weird.

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