Close your eyes and begin to breathe slowly and deeply. Feel the breath go down, down, down into your belly, filling your root, your core. Release the breath and breathe up out of the crown of your head. Breathe again, paying attention to your breathing. In, and down…filling the belly, letting the belly go soft. Then up, up and out of the top of your head, the life force showing over you to be taken in again.

After breathing this way for several breaths, begin to notice your thoughts. Don’t dwell on them, don’t try to deal with them, and don’t push them away either. Simply let them float by quietly, and observe. Find yourself in a dark place, with light only immediately surrounding you. Your thoughts drift past and into the darkness. You do not fear the darkness, for it is not the unknown, merely the unimportant at this time.

Bask in the spotlight that surrounds you, and as you enjoy it, it begins to widen, slowly revealing…

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…You begin to notice the light is growing dimmer around you. As the scene before you fades to black, you find yourself once again surrounded by darkness and cradled in a spotlight. Begin once again to sense your thoughts, and watch them. Gently deepen your breath, breathing once again deep into your core, and out the top of your head. You may wish to gently wiggle your fingers and toes. Softly open your eyes, and breathe in a welcoming breath. Welcome back.

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