This was in response to a question on Yahoo! Answers. I don’t usually post “spells” here, this is more a bit of folksy magic.

If it is someone who I have been unable to contact, I will take a token of them and a token of me and place them together in a yellow bag or tie them with a yellow string. If you don’t already have some tie to this person (like if you are trying to get Justin Beiber to call you) it won’t work.

What’s this all about:

Ok, what we are doing here is a bit of sympathetic magic. The idea is to get the two people into the same sphere of interest.

Now, both people must be in the practitioners sphere of influence for it to work, which means that someone who has never had any tie to the practitioner won’t respond to the working. The work needs a conduit to travel. Think of the energy like electricity: as long as there are wires, it’ll keep going, even if the wire is a tiny strand. But no wire, no juice.

The reason I use yellow is because it is a color associated with Hermes & therefore communication. If another color says communication to you more than yellow, by all means, use that. The idea here is to have your subconscious sending the right codes with that energy down the wire. Yellow tells my subconscious that this is a connection via a communication medium. If I wanted the two people to cross paths, I might use green or black to represent physical meeting. (Actually, I would do something entirely different, but I want to illustrate how these things can be adjusted.)

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