There are three things people regularly ask Witches about: Love spells, curses, and weather magic. Possibly, the public fascination is because these are somewhat taboo, rarely discussed outside of the Craft, or simply because they require great adepts to perform. I’m not sure. I’ve written before on love spells and curses (although I certainly haven’t exhausted the subjects), so I thought I’d take a look at weather magic.

Weather magic is largely a taboo subject because it is so, well, big. First of all, weather is Earth energy, so it’s not “little stuff” that you are changing. Secondly, the energy never “goes away”. Anything that is suppressed will re-erupt, sometimes even more violently, so “stop giant snowstorm” isn’t a good longterm plan. And thirdly, weather happens for a reason. Sure, you might not be happy about it raining on your wedding day, but is it worth it to spin up a draught that will devastate crops for an entire season?

So how to deal with these issues? Is there a “right time” and a “right way” to do a little weather magic? As with most things in the Craft, my answer is “sort of”. It’s just not a black and white discipline.

Let’s say you have advance knowledge of a “Natural Disaster”. Storm Tacker radar or some such. I wouldn’t recommend trying to stop it wholesale, but rather do a combination of subtle adjustments to work toward lessening suffering and swift recovery.

Neither of these items are specifically weather magic, although work can be done to create subtle adjustments to slightly alter the course of a storm or similar. This should be VERY subtle, and if a small movement isn’t going to be of much help, then it isn’t prudent to move it at all. The other work is healing work: protecting human life and sending energy to help with recovery.

As for the rainy day getting you down, I prefer to think of all the life that the rain is bringing. But on those rare occasions when I just need half an hour of clear skies (or half an hour of rain!) I don’t feel too bad about working for a brief visit from the sun. I am sure to reverse my work and allow nature to take her course. And accept that it may mean one HECK of a thunderstorm afterwards!

Because this work needs to be very subtle, it’s not for beginners and rare for adepts. If one learns to do it properly, it will be in a supervised situation. We aren’t talking about the kind of thing that can be experimented with without affecting others, so a little common sense caution is necessary.

Most “weather magic” works the other way around, with the Witch harnessing the energy of the weather situation to aid her in her work. Thunderstorms, snowstorms, and even those oppressively hot sunny days can do wonders for all kinds of work.

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