What you find here is one Witch’s point of view. I happen to be an initiate of a Wiccan Tradition as well, so occasionally you’ll see a bit of the blurring of the lines, but most of what you find here will apply to almost any form of Witchcraft practice.

I try to update the site with information every now and then, but I am a busy person, so I don’t really have a regular schedule. Sometimes I’ll answer a question on a forum or question site (Quora, Y! Answers) and post that information here so it’s easy to find.

I don’t respond quickly to comments and questions on this site; it’s simply not a high priority for me, and no, I can’t personally train you unless you are an appropriate candidate for the coven I lead.

Poke around and see what you learn. This might not be the site for you. There are plenty of good ones out there, even some that disagree with me entirely are rather fabulous in their own right. Good luck on your journey!