I debated about posting this question, because it was clearly posted by a troll, but I think that my answers include information that it is important for people working down this path to understand.

I find it funny.
Money spells – Never work
love spells – Yea right
gender and body spells – Impossible
Name every spell and I can tell you right off it doesnt work.

“I want to be the richest most universally adored person in the world!” No, that won’t work. Magic works WITH nature, not against it, and nature seeks balance.


“I need enough money to pay the mortgage this month.” That spell kept me in my house for 6 months after a layoff and created a burgeoning small business. Also worked for several of my friends.

“My husband loves to work with X as a hobby, if only he could make money for it.” That spell landed my husband a corner office in a field he didn’t even know was an option.

“If there’s someone there for me, I wish he’d reveal himself.” That spell netted the husband with the (now) corner office in the industry that he loves.

“I need to be more healthy.” That spell helped me lose weight, fix an old knee injury, and get rid of at least two allergic reactions.

Approach it with a cynical attitude, and no, it won’t work. I don’t think “magic spells” work. I think people who practice magic create change in their lives through a positive attitude, proper application of the Work and knowledge of required support.

The above is my original answer. Now, I realize there are a great deal of caveats here. Confirmation bias works both ways: if what I worked for happens, I can say it was the “spell”. If a cynic does a spell and nothing happens, they can say “it doesn’t work”. Wether or not the spell is the catalyst isn’t the point. Doing the Work (I really dont’ care for the word spell) changes the practitioner. It makes the practitioner more open to the possibilites of the various realities that he or she coexists with.

The important points above are:

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