Well, perception is a funny thing, and this “rule” is a good example of that.
Let’s start with the law of reciprocity: that which is sent out returns. This is a magical formulation of Newton’s third law of motion, applied to energy. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. For every projected energy, there is an equal and opposite received energy. Those who truly grok magic understand that this is *necessary*; without it, magic wouldn’t appear to work. Energy would be sent and just keep going. It’s the very “boomerang effect” of the work that allows practitioners to manifest change.
Now let’s look at that silly “times three” part. First of all, Wicca has an obsession (some might even say an unhealthy one) with threes. Modern McWiccans will turn any damn goddess into a triple goddess or part of a triplicity because some poorly edited book with a moon on the spine said that the Goddess is always “Maiden Mother Crone”. Three is very important because it is the dimension we exist in (unless you have been paying attention and notice that there are at least 5 dimensions at work within a proper circle), it is the point of balance, and it is one more than two, which is mere polarity and is boring.
Attacking the perception bit: have you ever watched a YouTube video of someone stubbing their toe, falling into a fountain while texting, or otherwise causing themselves grievous bodily harm due to their own idiocy? You laughed right? Ever stubbed your OWN toe, or slammed into a door because you weren’t paying attention to where you were going? Now tell me, which hurt more…when it happened to someone else or when it happened to you? Basically. when you let the schmidt fly, it doesn’t hurt much. When it’s back in your house…then it seem waaaaaaaaaaaaaay bigger than what you sent out…like maybe even three times!
So as far as reality? It’s True. Ish. With a pickle and a side of allegory.

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