In Wicca, there are two essential categories of magic: ritual magic and spellcraft. Not all Wicca practice the latter, though I’d be hard pressed to call someone Wicca who didn’t practice the former.

Both categories follow the same basic natural laws. Ritual magic looks primarily to achieve a state of consciousness in which one can commune with the divine and/or the group mind of the coven, whereas spellcraft seeks to alter things outside of the temple (circle) as well.

I personally am not fond of the term “spell”. I call the magical work I do simply “work”, as this is what it is. It’s not a snap of the fingers. It is long practice and study to be able to form an understanding of the fabric of reality and to develop the skills to know just where to push, just which string to gently tug to manifest the desired outcome. Good spellcraft is subtle work, using the theories of psychology, quantum physics, chemistry and sociology as well as theology and metaphysics to manipulate the energies of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual worlds.

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