Ordinary people don’t have devotion to training. Ordinary people don’t care about proper ethics and learning the details of the mechanics of metaphysical manipulation. Ordinary people want a fast track to results now and lack patience. Ordinary people want to be spoon-fed answers. Ordinary people are not interested in introspection and development of patience and acute observational skills. Ordinary people want easy, fast, cheap solutions that cost them nothing.

I have helped several extraordinary people to learn magic and the Craft and excel in their lives. These people were willing to work hard, to grow and change, to learn, to observe, to accept failures and take their time. These people sought out answers through experience, learned to differ in opinion with respect and gratitude, and constantly challenged themselves. These people practiced alone and together to learn to manipulate the subtle strings that allow shifts in perception and in reality. These people were far from ordinary.

But they weren’t more than human.

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