This question often comes from those who are naturally sensitive or who have a family history of interest in the Craft. The simplest answer is to respond with a question:

Have you intentionally and actively pursued the Craft, studying and practicing, for a considerable period? (Usually a year or more.)

Being sensitive does not make you a witch. Studying and practicing witchcraft (for some time) makes you a witch. Many sensitives find that the Craft is a natural and confortable step, but one does not predicate the other.

Being born into a family of individuals that practice the Craft does not automatically make you a witch either, although the practices may seem even more natural and comfortable to those who were raised around them. Many “Family Traditions” have special coming of age ceremonies where the child chooses wether or not to make the conscious choice to train in the family’s ways and pursue the Craft.

You can’t be a Witch by accident. It is a conscious choice and an active practice.

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