Begin with a basic induction

…a lovely garden. If you look around now, you will see flowers and trees, a place to sit quietly, and a small pond or fountain. Walk along a path through this area, and enjoy the sounds and smells of the garden. Walk over to the pond or fountain, and touch the surface of the water, and then look into the water. As the ripples fall away, you can see a reflection…the reflection of the God within you. Reach your hand into the water, and take the hand of the God in the reflection. Help him or her out of the pond or fountain, and to his or her feet.

Take a few moments to feel the power of this being beside you. Breathe in the life force surrounding you now, and walk with your God. Speak to God gently, as you would a dear friend, and ask: “What is your name?”, “Why have you come to see me now?”, “How can we communicate better, closer?”, and any other questions you might have. Accept the answer you receive, and remember it is God’s option how and whether he answers all of your questions.

Thank your God for his time, and for meeting with you, as you walk back to the fountain. Tell God that you look forward to spending time together again soon. Give your God a reverent hug or kiss before helping him or her back into the water. As the ripples fade once again, revealing your own reflection, step away from the fountain and back toward the path.

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