My dedicants start their book with the following for each Sabbat:

They must also prepare (and include):

By the time the dedication year is up, they have a good skeleton start to a solid BOS. Then they start getting the Traditional stuff.

You will also want to include any information you comeĀ uponĀ that seems useful and your thoughts on it, any workings that you do and notes, etc.

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    1. It gives a basic structure. The Craft does not come spoon fed, my dear! The rituals my dedicants put in their books are written themselves, but there are certainly reams of information of this type available in books and on the internet. A few Google searches should get you on your way.

      I would recommend researching each Sabbat (Mike Nichols’ _The Witch’s Sabbats_ is a wonderful place to start.), and making a list of things that stand out. This will help with most of the Wheel of the Year portion.

      Googling “ritual outline” will give you several ritual formats to work from. Fill in the blanks with bits of poetry and symbolic action as suits your needs.

      An eclectic book should be just that: eclectic. Collected and edited information from whatever strikes you as useful. Be prepared to change things often! (This is why many people prefer to work with a 3-ring binder.)

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